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How SecuriStart works

Choose standard groupings or mix and match from 3 training suites, all of which are personalized with your company name/logo and integrated so well that switching from one media to another enables a multitude of different training options.

Turnkey right out-of-the-box training readies students for State-licensing, independent accreditation and/or training your own guard force. Each format of training can be used independently or combined with others, depending on your needs and circumstances. The three suites are:


Why SecuriStart?

Our experience is real life. We are not a publisher or software company that sells everything from cookbooks to home repair books. We are from the industry and it shows.

We own and operate two security guard schools, a PI agency and a security agency that have agents on patrol every day. It's important because there is no substitute for learning from actual events. 

Our materials are those that we use every day with great success. That’s why our client mix includes over 100 schools, agencies, community colleges and universities.