The online kit consist of a web-based course

accessed through a portal that we customize to mirror your company web page. This provides students a consistent look and feel as they take the course from you but remain unaware it is a separately hosted course.

The courses can be taken from anywhere at anytime, without impacting your teaching schedule or instructor availability.

The online course has three main differences from the NCPS outside the fact that it is web-based: 

1. Progress and Time-Controlled to ensure users cannot skip content or shortcut the program.

Student(s) do NOT have the ability to navigate freely between the slides or lessons. For example, Lesson 3 cannot be opened until Lesson 2 is completed, and Lesson 2 cannot be opened until Lesson 1 is completed, and so on.

The students cannot rush through the lessons and skip information ensures that they meet the study time requirement for the given State. 

2. It is not narrated. This means no speaker or earphones are required. The student could be taking the training on a computer or his phone right next to you without impacting you. 

3. It doesn’t require an assigned computer or uploading a software. It can be taken on any device that can connect to the Internet, even a phone or a tablet. 

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4. The initial cost is lower, followed by a nominal fee per student registration, which cost varies based on how many registrations you buy at a time. 

5. The course includes a final examination that generates automatically a certificate (PDF) at successful completion for you to sign to validate the training. 

NOTE: If you are in a State that does not allow distance learning or that requires that the course be taken under the tutelage of a licensed instructor or at a licensed location, you can still use the online version but must require that student complete the course while at the school and properly supervised. This is easily done by having the instructor or school manager locking the student’s account when the student leaves for the day, in order to ensure the student can’t access the course when off premise. 

Online Kits

​(The training that takes care of itself)