“NCPS” is the acronym for

“Narrated Class Presentation Software”, and is provided to you in two formats:

  • Steel Thumb-drive, and
  • M-DISC 1,000-year shelf-life backup disc.

It is our most popular program due to its versatility that offers three distinct teaching styles that can be mixed and matched:

​​Automated class presentation 

The software has an automated 3,000-slide timer and true human narration (NOT a computerized tone-death electronic voice) that allows for each lesson to run in its entirety without intervention. You simply start the lesson and let it run its course for whatever number of students in attendance. After each slide’s narration ends the slide stays up between 30 seconds and 1 minute (depending on the content of the slide) to allow students to review it for themselves and take notes before the course automatically moves on to the next slide. 

Lecturing presentation support 

​The NCPS has a navigation menu displayed on the right side of the screen. Not only does it allow the user to see at what stage they are in of the program, but it also makes it easy to navigate the presentation freely by jumping ahead or back in the lesson without having to scroll through all the screens. The instructor can simply mute the course voice over and navigate freely to present content in a preferred order or to eliminate or emphasize certain topics. 

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(3 teaching options)

Interactive Self-paced course

SecuriStart licensing grants you the permission to upload the NCPS onto as many computers as you want as long as the use is restricted to the school AND location where it is licensed. [See Q&A section for details.] Functioning in this way allows you to run interactive training to easily train from one to multiple students without spend hours in lecturing or presenting. Simply put, you can sit a student in front of a computer and let them take the class on their own, at their own pace. This extremely convenient teaching in at least three instances:

  • When you have a class with a small number of students registered you can still run the class without spending hours of your time for little return. 

  • When a student comes in to make up a class or a lesson they missed. You can simply sit them in front of a computer and let them make up the lesson(s) without sacrificing your time. 


  • When you run an ‘Open Schedule’ school that allows students to come in and out any day and anytime during school hours. For example, one client purchased a dozen refurbished laptops on Amazon (less than $100 a piece) and setup a classroom with all the computers. He uses the CD version of the NCPS in which each CD is a lesson. Students come in, get checked in by the licensed instructor who assign them a desk and loads the CD of the course they need. Tuition is paid and he gives them a set number of weeks to complete the entire program with an optional paid extension if they fail to complete the program on time. 

NOTE: When you let students take the class on their own you are still responsible for making sure that the study will meet your State’s requirements by being able to sign off that the students met the time requirements for each lesson or overall course in compliance with your State licensing.