Lecturing Kits

(Traditional or Modern Lecturing)

Some schools do not use student manuals at all, while some include the student manual in the price of the class, while some charge the student separately and some make it optional for the students to buy the book, distributing the books in the morning and taking them back at the end of the day. 

These kits are ideal for large classes and require minimum class equipment and investment as it does not rely on technology. 

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This full-service kit can be used as a standalone lecturing kit of combined with student manuals. A complete school lesson plans presented in a binder for easy manipulation and updates. Designed to lecture in one of three ways:

  1. Traditional lecturing style with instructor reading and sharing personal experiences at the front of a class. 
  2. Modern lecturing style by having students take turns to read sections out loud from their student manual and instructor exemplifying information with industry cases and/or personal experience.
  3. Hybrid presentation by using a Document Projector ($200 on Amazon) to project the lesson plan onto a wall or screen and have the students read out-loud selected section.

Student manuals. can be bought by the school for resell to students.